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Unveiling Systems with LML: A High-Hazard Facility Example and Beyond


During this enlightening webinar, Steering Committee member, Michael deLamare, dives into the fascinating world of systems and their representation through the powerful Lifecycle Modeling Language (LML). In this presentation, we take you on a journey through the concept of a system, using a high-hazard facility as an illustrative example.

Throughout the webinar, Mr. deLamare demonstrates how to effectively capture and model complex systems using LML object types, attributes, and relationships. By showcasing a broad range of system viewpoints, you will gain a thorough understanding of how to define a system in various contexts, including System Context (Operating Environments, Interfacing Systems), System States and Modes (derived from CONOPS and context), System Requirements (from source to allocation), System Characteristics, and System Architecture.

The knowledge gained from this webinar empowers you with a versatile application of LML, serving as an invaluable foundation for numerous other applications. Don't miss this opportunity to unravel the secrets of systems and master the art of representing them with cutting-edge Lifecycle Modeling Language!