LML Specification – Official Version

This file contains the current, official, version controlled specification for LML. The specification is broken up into 4 parts: specification information, overview of LML, the ontology, and visualizations. Modifications to this specification can be submitted to the LML Steering Committee.

LML Specification 1.1

LML Specification – Relationship Matrix

This file contains the current version of the LML Relationship Matrix. This matrix provides a visual way of seeing how LML entities relate to other entities. The entities are along the side and top and the connecting relations are in the middle. This matrix shows both parent and children entities, with relations specific to children in parentheses.

LML Relationships Specification 1.1

LML Specification – Ontology File

This XML file contains the ontology-portion of the LML specification for use in any tools. As an open standard, this specification is royalty-free. We appreciate the sharing of any modifications to this ontology and will make them available to other interested parties.

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