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An e-magazine for all things related to MBSE and system ontologies.

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Vision Magazine

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Publication Date Submission Date Publication Theme
3rd Quarter: 15 September 2022 15 August 2022 LML Specification Updates
& Current News
4th Quarter: 15 December 2022 15 November 2022 Planning for the MBSE-CON, LMO Year’s End & Current News


Topic Ideas

  • COST

    — Cost Modeling

    — Cost as a design variable

    — Education, Training Costs

    — Learning Curves

    — ROI on Data-Driven System Approaches

    — Tool Costs, open-source tools

    — Access to systems-related tools

    — Workforce development


    — MBSE schedule compression

    — Lifecycle applications

    — Project Engineering modeling

    — Left side vs right side of “V” implementation

    — timing of model validation

    — Milestone model delivery

    — Model-based design reviews

    — Agile and MBSE



    — MBSE and other model integration

    — MBSE and DE

    — Scaling of models

    — Ontologies, languages and frameworks - oh my

    — Data sharing between models

    — Model collaboration

    — Interface-Driven Design

    — Leveraging Design Patterns in MBSE


    — Driving down project risk through MBSE

    — Modeling Risk and Mitigation

    — Risk informed design

    — Probabilistic Risk Assessment

    — MBSE in secure environments

    — MBSE and cyber security

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